Adam Bergeron, JD

Adam Bergeron, JD
Counselor & Life Coach

Adam is a coach and counselor with a passion for working with clients across a broad spectrum of issues.

Through his own personal journey, Adam has learned first hand the power of coaching and counseling to elicit change in one’s life. He meets you from a place of deep respect and non-judgment for your individual process, because he truly believes that you deserve to be seen just as you are, without any preconceptions of right or wrong, or better or worse.  He is a traveler on the same journey and honors the courage you show by stepping out and embarking on a path of personal change in your life.

Adam works to co-create with you a space for your growth and change, and he often finds himself marveling at the power that arises in such a space. He draws inspiration and energy from that power, and does everything he can to help you find the inspiration within yourself to make the changes you are seeking. Adam firmly believes that you are your own true healer. Adam can serve as your guide, as a mirror, or as a walking companion on your journey, but the real power to change, heal and create a more fulfilling life lies within you.

Adam welcomes you to come see for yourself how we can work together in service of deep change in your life.


Adam’s areas of specialty include the following:

  • Anxiety, depression, stress and overwhelm
  • Lack of motivation or focus
  • Life Transitions
  • Feeling lost or directionless
  • Changing long-held habits and patterns
  • Emotional, psychological and spiritual growth
  • Desire to increase fulfillment in life
  • Direct communication techniques
  • Setting and meeting values-based goals