Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy is a cutting-edge, deep, holistic psychotherapy that provides a step-by-step framework for empowering people to heal and transform their inner world. Individuals learn to tend to the needs of their system, which allows parts of their ego to relax so that they can access their true Self – a place of strength, compassion and love. From this powerful place, clients can heal trauma and life difficulties and feel confident, clear, and empowered to give their gifts to the world.

IFS is a nonpathologizing psychotherapy, which allows us to be more accepting of all the different aspects of our personality and struggles and through accepting ourselves, transformation becomes possible.  IFS provides a path toward loving ourselves and fulfilling our own needs.  We learn to become the nurturing parent to ourselves and create corrective experiences to heal past traumas.