Why I Do This Work

I love this planet.  I love the mountains, rivers, forests, oceans, animals and people.  I love to laugh until I cry, spend time hiking and camping in nature, listen to music, dance, play sports, and connect with people.

Boulder, Colorado

I also feel such intense sadness for people, like myself in the past, who go to jobs they hate, work for companies who treat them like machines, who feel less free everyday, who don’t feel seen nor understood for at least half of their waking hours. People who feel lost and confused and know there is a much more meaningful life they could be living if they just knew their purpose. Human beings have the potential to impact the Earth and create conditions for Life to flourish. We can be a symbiotic force. We can each listen to the voice of wisdom within us and allow it to guide us to Earth enhancing ways of living.

I believe the best way we can all change the world is to be who we truly are and to discover and live our deepest purpose in life. When you are living your purpose you have more energy and feel excited and passionate about how you are spending your days. You are clear and confident about why you are doing your work in the world. When listening to the guidance of your own inner voice (instead of your boss, spouse, or your fears), you feel a freedom that is immeasurable. Perhaps best of all, everyone’s true purpose helps not only themselves, but also the larger world. You are serving humanity and the Earth in the most powerful, unique way you possibly can. The healing of our world requires everyone to give their deepest gifts…it is time to awaken each human being to their soul’s calling!