Jill’s Testimonials

“I had the privilege of working closely with Jill for 6 years in an intensive treatment program working with young adults and families. Jill possesses an incredible blend of skills and sensitivities that make her an excellent clinician for a wide range of clients and families. Her analytical skills and clinical intuition are spot on, while her warm heart and boundless compassion allow her to provide supportive and challenging interventions and feedback that are palatable, actionable and universally well received. She is a remarkable individual whom I would trust with anyone for whom I care and wish the best.”

-Brooks Witter, MA, LPC


“I have known and worked with Jill Dawson for over a decade.  There is not a more revered human being I know.  Jill is loved by her co-workers, clients, parents of clients, colleagues, family and friends.  People are naturally drawn to her due to her authentic, kind and thoughtful demeanor.  She is present and mindful with whomever she is talking.  The listener feels heard and truly cared for.  Jill has a way of drawing people in and gently developing a relationship with them that becomes honest and meaningful.  Her clients feel supported and held in a way where they can be authentic and real without judgement.  Jill encourages her clients to explore what they truly value and to evaluate what things are getting in the way of them reaching those things.  Jill is especially gifted in working with clients with trauma, lack self-love, struggle with anxiety and depression, are confused about their identity and have strained family relationships.  Jill does dynamic family work, and parents rave about and respect her more than any other family therapeutic experience they have gone through.

Jill is my number one preferred therapist to work with adolescents, young adults and their parents.  I highly recommend her and her caring heart.”

-Marti Weiskopf, Therapeutic Placement Consultant, Desert Sun Consulting