Life Purpose/Career:

Feeling stuck in a job you hate is painful. Not having career direction or a sense purpose can be paralyzing. I guide you to discover your purpose in life and to transform all that is blocking you from feeling clear, confident, passionate, and excited about who you are and your work in the world. I support you in identifying your values, shifting self-sabotaging beliefs, creating an inspiring vision of your ideal career and life, and generating a plan of action to move you forward. Your inner wise voice is always speaking to you and guiding you. The difficulty is that many other louder voices are competing for your attention. I help you quiet your mind so your wise voice can be heard.


Anxiety & Stress:

I used to struggle with anxiety in my own life and I have found some powerful methods to relax and calm the nervous system. I believe that anxiety is trying to keep us safe by signaling that there is a possible threat coming. This often comes from past traumas or painful situations. Utilizing IFS Therapy, I work with you to heal the insecurity, fear, and pain underneath the anxiety, and empower you to create a secure bond within yourself that grounds you. With that in place, you will have more access to your naturally calm, collected, and wise states of mind. Also, I would employ various Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) mindfulness & emotion regulation skills to further support you.


Anger Management:

Angry outbursts can happen so fast that we don’t realize what we are doing until we already do or say something we regret. That’s too late, because the damage is already done. I guide you to slow down the process so you can become aware of the first sensation, thought, or feeling that arises before you are taken over by your anger. Over time, you learn to stop, breathe, and access your rational mind, so that you can make a conscious decision to not do something you’ll regret. Also, utilizing IFS Therapy, I support you to become aware of the emotion underneath the anger; the hurt, shame, or frustration the anger is protecting. By calming and healing the underlying feeling, the anger can relax


Grief & Loss:

I provide a compassionate, calm, empathetic presence for you to work through the denial, anger, guilt, “what ifs”, depression, and ultimately, the acceptance of the loss. I guide individuals through this very difficult process. One reason for experiencing profound sadness is to slowly facilitate the ability to let go of who or what we have lost. It is hard to feel the pain of loss in our heart, but if we try to avoid it, then it will remain within us, stuck and undigested. We need to allow ourselves the space to sit with, observe, and feel our own grief sufficiently, in order for us to eventually, at the natural pace of our body, move beyond it.



Depression can be caused by painful past traumas, difficult current situations, or body chemistry. If the past is causing your depression, then, utilizing IFS Therapy, we work to heal the sad, scared, traumatized part of yourself and give it a chance to grieve what it has lost. If you dislike your job or feel that you are not fulfilled or satisfied with your life circumstance, then we work together to change your situation for the better and shift your perceptions. If you believe your depression is more of a chemical imbalance, there are many Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance skills that can shift your chemistry and elevate your mood.



When we have an addiction, life can feel chaotic and out of our control. Together, we can start to make sense of your addiction and begin to gain control of your life again. We will work with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills to support you in shifting your mindset, making more conscious decisions, and finding healthy replacement behaviors. Then, over time, I guide you to heal the wounds underneath the addictive behaviors utilizing Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. This results in less painful emotions that feel like they need to be numbed or avoided and truly heals the addiction at its source. I provide a safe, empathetic place for you to heal yourself and regain your life.