Jeremy’s Testimonials

-Fabio Fina, Peer Group, Student at Prescott College, Boulder CO


“Jeremy Kalan embodies what it means to be a healer.  He brings deep curiosity, wisdom, heart and compassion to his work and is dedicated to helping his clients discover and live their highest truth.  Jeremy is exceedingly skilled at helping people bring awareness to all aspects of their being so that they can make more conscious choices in their lives.  He is truly a gift to this world and all those whom he serves.  I completely trust Jeremy and highly recommend him to anyone hoping to harness their potential and develop their gifts.  Jeremy is simply a glorious human being.”

-Dan Riggan, MA, LPC.   Being Human Psychotherapy Boulder CO


-Joe O’leary, Writer, Boulder CO

“I needed help moving through the resistance I had to giving my gift in the world and making a living doing it.

Now, I feel more grounded, capable, clear, connected, and open to receive than ever before.  My relationship with my partner is in a place of honesty, connection, and clarity on our agreements that we have never been before, my business is more clear and focused and ready to burst into new life, and my own inner journey towards meaning and purpose is more clear than ever.  I know who I am more than ever before, and I am taking the steps to becoming myself, in every way possible.

Jeremy is authentic, real, deeply compassionate and caring, and he keeps me anchored to my true intentions when I get off track.  He is willing and able to engage with the parts of myself that I am more vulnerable to share with others.  And he holds these parts of myself with care and a sense of sacredness.

I’ve really learned how to give myself what I need at any particular moment.  I’ve become aware of the different parts within myself and how to empower them to collaborate and work together.  I’ve found balance and poise.

I know my life’s work now.  I didn’t before.  I am a sound healer, business coach, and I lead ceremony.  This is what I am here to do.  I am clear about it. It is true in my body, and I love the thought of serving in this way for the rest of my life.

I would absolutely recommend to others to work with Jeremy for the simple reason that I trust him.  I trust that he has my deepest intentions in mind when we work together.  Jeremy is a real blessing.  He is bringing a powerful energy to our world that is deeply nourishing and true.”

Lev Natan, Empowerment Coach and Sound Healer, High Falls NY


“Jeremy is one of the most positive, focused and clear-minded people I know. He can get at the heart of the matter very quickly, helping people navigate complex issues in their life.  He brings a deep knowledge of experience from business to spirit into his work.  I would highly recommend working with him if you have the chance.”

-Keith Kurlander, Psychotherapist, Boulder CO


“Jeremy’s experience in changing careers and finding one aligned with his true self really resonated with me.  He utilizes practical exercises that helped me on my path of self-discovery and allowed me to maintain my spiritual awakening between sessions.  I also really appreciated the level of professionalism and structure to Jeremy’s program.  I felt like there was a purpose to each session based on my intention.

I am much more aware of the conflicts between my true inner self and my ego.  Since working with Jeremy, I have been able to overcome my fears by focusing on nurturing these parts of me.  His exercises helped me to connect with my sense of meaning and purpose.  I now have the drive to re-focus my career.

I highly recommend working with Jeremy.  His passion for healing and his techniques for helping people with self-discovery are superior.”

David Kalish, Real Estate Broker, New York NY


“I have begun to learn how to love and accept myself unconditionally. It’s been great working with you because of your sheer passion and love of guiding others through a process that you truly believe in. I look forward to our coaching calls because they make me feel more grounded and peaceful. They help me to slow down and re-center myself. They help me to better evaluate what is important to me. They help me to remember who I am.

The relationship I have with myself and others around me has been the biggest transformation. My relationships with others are more solid and less explosive (particularly with family members). Exchange/interaction between myself and others is more authentic since I am opening up the space for others to be more authentic as I am being more authentic.”

-Paige Marmer, Student in PhD Psychology Program, Philadelphia PA

“The greatest benefit I have had working with Jeremy is finding my own inner guiding voice. Jeremy has helped me identify all aspects of myself, allowing me to bring my entire being into harmonious alignment. With this alignment I have been able to go out into the world with confidence, and resolve to both envision, and create what I truly desire.

The thing I love most about working with Jeremy is his balanced, grounded disposition, which makes it both comfortable, and powerful to work with him. What is most inspiring about Jeremy is that he practices what he preaches. Being around, and working with Jeremy is a true joy.

I have gained understanding of both others and myself. I have realized we are all human with our own injuries and ambitions, and the only way to find peace is to find understanding. I am more open therefore others are naturally able to be more open around me. This has led to a great deepening in all my relationships.

The thing that has most changed for the best in my life is my own ability to recognize my path and follow my own truths. For so long in my life I looked outside and to others for answers, when the answers always lay within me.

The greatest breakthrough in understanding that I have had working with Jeremy is my ability to recognize my moods and personalities (loyal soldiers) and realize that whatever these personalities do is in service of my self. With this understanding I have gained a wealth of understanding and as a result a great peace within myself.”

-Bryan Holden, Student in Engineering, Boulder CO

“I want you to know how much your coaching means to me. You have challenged my beliefs and perspectives – even when I was pretty stuck on my worldview, you gently got me to explore other ways of looking at things and for me to take actions that I might have otherwise not attempted. Sometimes to my surprise I would try on and find other ways of looking at my situations that served me better. My life has improved because of your coaching. Life flows more easily, difficulties melt away and become non-issues. I have changed my view of how the world works and as a result my world treats me better. Every session I gain a valuable nugget that allows me to move forward with greater ease than before. You are an excellent and caring coach. Thank you!”

-Edith Sieg, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Illinois

“Jeremy Kalan is a Wild Soul, which is why he is the perfect individual to help one reconnect with their Wild Soul. Jeremy is not only my coach but he is also my friend. He really has the ability to make someone feel at ease and open up. I have been able to overcome some of those complex issues with trust and emotions, which are not useful to me anymore. I have also become more aware of when I get too caught up on something that does not serve my purpose. Most of all Jeremy has helped me reconnect with my spirit guide, whom I talk to every day and guides me, so I can walk fearlessly through life. Thank you very much Jeremy.”

-Carolina Avalos, Artist, Teacher, Chicago IL


“Jeremy is a warrior of the Spirit. His passion for playfully unearthing deep meaning is what inspires his clients to find their true nature. He inspires me to stay curious, have fun and laugh!”

-Scott Seagren, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Illinois


“Talking about my life coach is what I’ve been doing ever since I started seeing Jeremy. All my friends have seen what it’s done for me, and some of them will probably get a life coach because of it. From day one, I started to see changes in my life. My attitude towards the future started to change a lot, and found out so much about my own life through all of the different exercises Jeremy has given me. I had no idea so many things would improve. With Jeremy’s support and guidance, I’ve come to open up and see the parts of my life that needed nurturing, celebrating, and being grateful for. It also has helped me push myself to reach old goals that had been sitting on a shelf for quite sometime. Since I’ve starting seeing Jeremy, I’ve overcome my obsession with my ex, lost 15 pounds, started prioritizing more of what I want in my life, and fit it into my schedule. It’s amazing how much more relaxed, calm, and positive I have become. I’m looking forward to seeing even more positive changes in my life because of the discoveries we find through many conversations, exercises, and searches for what is really going on inside. Thank you Jeremy!”

-Elta Marquez, Public Speaker, Photographer, Chicago IL


“Initially, I wanted a Life Coach to work with me on my relationship problems and finding the right career. It sounded simple, but I am getting so much more than I ever could have imagined. Through Jeremy Kalan’s guidance, I realize that for me to get what I want with relationships, career, etc. I need to be my Authentic Self. Just going through this process has opened up my eyes to who I am and who I want to be. I thank Jeremy for his continued support.”

-Cynthia Mayfield, Hermosa Beach CA