Your True Nature //

Real joy and inner wealth is attained when you find what you came here to give to the world. You and only you can give this special present to our world and by doing so you live a life of such deep, profound meaning, that the world will never be the same again. You are

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Two Parallel Experiences of Life //

We, as human beings, seem to be having at least two very different experiences in a given moment. In one experience we are coming from wholeness, experiencing a oneness with life, feeling in the flow, alive and connected; where synchronicities are happening all over the place. In another experience we seem to be coming from

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Disconnection Created By Perfectionism //

Yesterday during guitar practice, Jeremy had a realization about how he was getting in his own way.  Learn how perfectionism can steal all the joy and creativity out of you, and how you can move through that obstacle.  Check it out:

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About Us

Exploration of Life Purpose – Center for Healing & Transformation //

Weekly Topics: 1) Values- what is most deeply important to you? 2) Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy- Identify what is blocking you 3) IFS- deepen connection to true Self 4) Sacred Wound- learn how your past wounding relates to your life purpose 5) Decisions- how to listen to your body for clear guidance 6) Aspects

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