What is Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)?

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a powerful, evidence-based treatment for supporting distressed couples. When couple’s enter into distance or separation, it can be interpreted as danger, triggering the fear response (amygdala)  in the brain.  This triggers the fight or flight response, causing individuals to enter into ways they responded to stress or disconnection in childhood. This leads couples into repeating and unhealthy ways of responding in relationship. This powerful therapy shifts couples from distress and unhealthy patterns, into recovery and a sense of safety.

EFT empowers couples to create a language of safety and connection and recognizes the key moments in relationship where this language can be implemented. This significantly reduces arguments, increases empathy and emotional connection between the partners. Within this structure, partners become a team and, over time, the relationship becomes a safe haven.

Is EFT Right For Me?

EFT is effective for couples struggling with:
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Painful disconnection
  • Blaming, anger, fighting
  • Trust issues, infidelity, deceit
  • Defensiveness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life Transition

How will EFT help me?

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We have to dive below to discover the basic problem: these couples have disconnected emotionally; they don’t feel emotionally safe with each other. What couples and therapists too often do not see is that most fights are really protests over emotional disconnection. Underneath all the distress, partners are asking each other: Can I count on you, depend on you? Are you there for me? Will you respond to me when I need, when I call? Do I matter to you? Am I valued and accepted by you? Do you need me, rely on me? The anger, the criticism, the demands, are really cries to their lovers, calls to stir their hearts, to draw their mates back in emotionally and reestablish a sense of safe connection.

~ Sue Johnson, Creator of EFT

EFT couples therapy is grounded in science and proven to be highly effective

EFT is considered one of the most empirically validated types of couples therapy. Research studies have found that 70-75% of couples undergoing EFT successfully move from distress to recovery, and approximately 90% show significant improvements. This recovery is also quite stable and lasting, with little evidence of relapse back into distress