Integrative Psychiatry

Our Psychiatric Services are Integrative, looking at the whole individual and prescribing thoughtfully to meet each person’s needs. We consider nutrition, building healthy routines and habits, mindfulness, and connections and relationships with others. There are layers to finding stability in life, and all must be considered to gain consistent and lasting results. We do not overmedicate. Our job is to find each person’s inner balance, and we strive to bring each client’s internal system to equilibrium.

You can see psychiatric providers as a stand alone service, or we can create a team approach. If you are utilizing other services at our center, there will be communication to make sure all team members are on the same page, with common goals. Our job is to ensure that each client feels held and supported.

We offer a variety of services in the hopes of finding the best fit for each individual. Whether it is Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, or our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Program, we strive to find the services that will create movement, hope and peace in your life.

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Psychiatric Services are available in Oahu only. Call (808) 451-3960 to find out more and ask questions.  Please click here for our contact page and for information about insurances accepted.