Life Purpose Coaching

What is Life Purpose Coaching (LPC)?

We believe that everybody is here on Earth at this time for a reason and has the ability to connect to their intuition, which will guide them on their path to a more meaningful and purposeful life.  We have many thought patterns and belief systems that can block us from hearing the quiet voice of our intuition. Life Purpose Coaching is designed to empower you to discover your unique purpose in life and to transform all that is blocking you from feeling clear, confident, passionate and excited about who you are and your work in the world.

Is LPC right for me?

Life Coaching (LC) skills help you to overcome these challenges.

  • Overwhelming anxiety, depression, procrastination, or crippling perfectionism?
  • Having a sense that there is something more meaningful that you want to do with your life, if you only knew what it was
  • Feeling stuck, trapped, unfulfilled, stressed, bored, or directionless in your career or life?
  • Tired of the same fears stopping you from living the life you desire?
  • That you want support going through a life transition?

How will help me?

Being on Purpose ™

How do you feel free and confident to show people your true Self? Most of us shine our light much more freely as children, but as life brings pain, a healthy ego creates protective strategies & beliefs to keep us safe. At some point, it becomes time to heal ourselves and calm the ego so we can allow our wise, confident, free, true Self to express to the world. Gain awareness of what is blocking you from being your authentic self Learn to work with and calm difficult emotions Work to love and accept all of yourself.

Much like the sun, our soul is always shining from deep within us. If we allow the clouds of our ego to give us space, we blaze enough light to create our wildest dreams.”

Jeremy Kalan, MA, LMHC, LPCC, CPCC

Knowing on Purpose ™

Knowing is about learning to listen to yourself for guidance around questions such as: “What is most deeply important to me? What are my values? My strengths? What is my message to the world? What is my mission? Whom am I meant to serve? What is my vision? What does a fulfilling life look and feel like to me?” Some methods of listening include Guided Visualization, Nature Medicine Walk, Prayer, Active Imagination, and Journaling.

Each of us has a unique path, directed if we allow ourselves to feel it, by the mysterious intelligence of the living soul within us. Our love, our work, our joyful task, is to fulfill the one within.”

Peter Wells, “Borders of Perception”

Doing on Purpose ™

Bringing who we are Being and what we Know is our purpose into actionable gifts to your community. This is where the rubber meets the road. Some aspects of the Doing include:

• Create a prioritized plan to accomplish meaningful & measurable life goals
• Establish time management skills
• Shift working from what you “should” do to what you “want” to do
• Provide accountability around achieving goals
• Design a career direction

Our protective strategies often try to block us from taking the risks we need to live the big, fulfilling life we desire. Fortunately, at this point in the process you’ll have learned powerful ways to work with the ego, so you can courageously do whatever is necessary to live your dreams into reality.

When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. When action comes from another part of you, the feeling disappears.”

Rumi ~

"Listen Within and Discover Your !"

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