Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE) Therapy is a trauma-specific, body-based, resolution therapy based in neuroscience, which provides a pathway for unresolved trauma to heal. Individuals uncover trauma responses “stuck” in the body, which allows for subsequent sequencing through movement, and eventually reclaiming their power in the body. From this powerful place, clients can heal trauma, free themselves from stuckness, and feel confident, clear, and empowered to live the lives they have a right to.

Is SE Right For Me?

SE would be a very helpful therapy for people who struggle with:
  • symptoms of Trauma / PTSD such as hypervigilance, loss of interest in activities, guilt, loneliness, insomnia/nightmares, or intrusive thoughts of past events
  • anxiety, panic attacks, or overwhelming emotions
  • depression, low motivation, or numbness
  • facing or recovering from a surgery, accident or traumatic loss
  • chronic, unexplained somatic symptoms such as migraines or IBS
  • issues that won’t go away even after years of “talk” therapy
  • complex or intergenerational trauma
  • survivorship of domestic or sexual violence
  • a lack of connection to oneself and a sense of thriving in life

How will Somatic Experiencing help me?

Harness your own system

SE is a non-pathologizing psychotherapy, which allows us to harness our own system’s innate capacity to heal, no matter what we have experienced in the past. SE provides a path to trauma healing by attuning with the body through heightened awareness of sensation. We learn to notice what is happening within so that we can complete stuck physiological responses in the body that are the root cause of trauma symptoms like depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues.

Heal Your Past

Most of what we have come to accept about the state of our mental health, can actually change when we engage the body in the healing process. Nothing is more empowering than being able to heal our past once and for all and step unencumbered into the future – with the tools to prevent future traumas. SE therapy guides us back to the wholeness from which we came, that is ultimately our birthright and true home.

“Every thought, feeling, and sensation within your body throughout the day offer you an opportunity to love. Good or bad, whatever you experience is a lesson or a reminder to connect with love.”