Teen Group

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A Teen Group inspired by DBT Skills

Navigating the world as a teen is challenging.  There is constant social media consumption, dealing with the aftermath of two years of lockdown, processing emotions of community struggles like the devastating events in Maui, expectations to perform at elite academic and athletic levels. There are the everyday struggles of trying to feel connected, working through complicated social situations, knowing how to manage powerful emotions, and tolerating the stressors of school.

In this 10 Week DBT support group, I lead discussions that foster self worth, strengthen emotional regulation, and enhance self acceptance. This is a group that inspires connection and provides empathetic support.

Some of the specific topics covered include:

  • Implementing mindfulness
  • Understanding and increasing emotional regulation
  • Strengthening distress tolerance and enhancing self acceptance
  • Building interpersonal effectiveness
  • Broadening coping skills


This group will be a safe and secure space for self-exploration, paired with skills training. I am incredibly passionate about helping our teen girls to fully understand how powerful, beautiful, and limitless they truly are–they are our future!

Who: 9th – 12th Grade Girls

Where: 767 Kailua Rd, Suite 212, Kailua, HI

When: September 28th – December 7th, weekly on Thursdays from 5:30-7pm (No group Thanksgiving week)


Kelsey Wright, LMFT, is an Individual and Couple’s Therapist, as well as a Group Facilitator. She works with individuals of all ages, and has a passion for working specifically with teens. Being a teen is complicated and finding the balance between meeting the world’s expectations and shining their own unique light can be difficult. Kelsey is a guide for teens on this journey.

Begin Your Journey

If interested, please contact our Intake Team at (808) 451-3960.

Insurances accepted: HMSA, HMSA Quest, HMAA, Tricare, TriWest

Out of pocket fee is $50 per group, 10% discount if paid up front