Your True Nature //

Real joy and inner wealth is attained when you find what you came here to give to the world. You and only you can give this special present to our world and by doing so you live a life of such deep, profound meaning, that the world will never be the same again. You are here to be that which has never been ever before in the history of the universe…your True Nature. That is how incredibly special you are…you are a precious gift to this amazing universe.

It takes tremendous courage and resilience to honor this calling that bursts forth from the depths of your being. You have to be willing to not be understood by your family, friends, and colleagues. You have to be willing to not follow the rules and voices of society, the media, and your Inner Critic. But instead to follow that soft, inner voice inside of you that beckons you to express your greatness. For once you know what you are here to do on this Earth, you ignite a fire in yourself that can never go out. It’s like in “The Matrix” when you take the red pill and see the world the way it truly is, you can never pretend to be ignorant again.

You are going to be pulled to face your fears, to challenge your assumptions and beliefs, to overcome obstacles. It is not a comfortable little ride but a tremendous journey of truth, courage, vision, and freedom. Step up for yourself, for the world, for Life itself and say yes to your deepest purpose. Embark on your own personal journey to your highest self and enjoy the single greatest ride in existence.

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