The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is a highly researched approach and is one of the most sought after couple’s therapies. It follows a structure that holds couple’s through their most trying times. This approach teaches couple’s strategies through tried and true interventions and techniques. The goals of Gottman Method are to create healthy and connecting communication patterns, to increase intimacy, respect, and affection. Strategies guide couples to remove barriers that keep them frustrated, resentful and stagnant in conflicting situations, and to create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding. This therapy helps couples to feel like a team working together to find resolution, leading to greater connection and intimacy. This method helps couples to increase their sense of emotional safety within the relationship, and helps to cultivate a lasting underlying friendship.

Begin Your Journey

The Gottman Method Couples Therapy is available in Oahu only at this time.  Call (808) 451-3960 to find out more and ask questions.  Please click here for our contact page and for information about insurances accepted.